No State Income Tax!

November 2nd, 2010

I got into work just before ten o’clock AM.  I started working on my migration scripts.  I went to get lunch.  I didn’t know what I wanted, but I ended up deciding on Wendy’s, but due to its location I had to drive around the block to come to an entrance.  I must have been smoking crack because I drove past the driveway I needed to get into the parking lot.  I figured that was a sign I should not go there.  I had seen a pizza place along the way.  I ended up going for pizza instead.  It was pretty good pizza. 

After work I was at home having dinner and watching the election returns.  I was so happy that the state income tax initiative went down in flames!  That is all we need is an income tax to go along with our other taxes.

The people who wrote the tax initiatives were down in the dumps over it not passing.  They claimed, more or less, the voters were duped into believing that the state would extend the tax to the middle class.  They said there was no way the state would raise taxes on anyone.  No way, ever.  It would be political suicide.  Yet, Obama admits many democrats fell on the sword for his health care plan and other agenda items.  So, I don’t believe for one minute that the income tax would never ever be extended to the middle class.  I would like to point out to all the supporters of the income tax; they should point their checkbook where their vote was.  They should send in their money.  After all they are willing to make others send in money.

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