First Pullman WalMart Shopping Trip

November 7th, 2010

Today was a day of relaxation mainly.  I slept until eleven.  But that doesn’t really make up for much sleep loss because I did go to bed around five.  It was the end of daylight savings time, but I found to experience the “fall back” goodness of an extra hour of sleep, you have to be sleeping during that time.

I did my first Pullman WalMart shopping trip.  I got some basic necessities.  I don’t know if I saved tons of not, but I wanted to check out the store.  I found there was no bakery with fresh donuts.  I was curious to see how that would taste. 

I went home had some lunch and watched some TV before making the trip back to Renton.  The trip back was a little but slow in areas as people seemed to be on Sunday drives.  I left earlier on Sunday than I normally would so I could get back to Renton in time to watch the Simpson’s and Family Guy.

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