Breakfast for Dinner

November 15th, 2010

It was a typical Monday at work.  I am working on my SQL scripts.  Now that they have been run I am working on data verification.  I am also building a toolset to automate the data verification later when we roll out for other zones.

I hit Fred Meyer’s for lunch.  They have a pretty good deli there. 

I kept was at work until just after seven o’clock PM when I went home.  My mom was just finishing dinner.  We were having breakfast for dinner.  It was very good.  I always like breakfast for dinner.  But I guess the choice was between that or pizza.  I love pizza, but I am okay with the decision that was made.

I watched House and then an interview with George W. Bush.  It was a very nice interview.  It is interesting to hear his thoughts and perspectives on why certain decisions were made during his presidency.  I am sure the hard c0re “open minded” liberals will never take Bush at face value.  They have their mind made up and there is nothing that can change the “open mind”.

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