The Cougs Couged-It

February 14th, 2009

This morning I got working on my laundry and I was going to wash my car, but due to doing a repair on my hose I couldn’t do it. I swept the garage out and made the measurements to build a shelf for the back of the rig to make better use of storage for my rig.

I went to Rich’s house to help him with his computer. There was a problem with the DVD drives not being recognized. I spent some time doing some troubleshooting to find the problem. With some searching online I did find a possible solution. We had some lunch and then I did the solution I found. It worked and I was on my way to the station.

I was working the basketball game. I was excited to both work it and get to see the game. The Cougs unfortunately had a nice lead, but lost it towards the end of the game to lose it. That really sucked. We should have won the game.

Following it the game we went back to the station. I fueled up the rig and went home. It wasn’t long before we were called out for a call-back due to multiple calls going on at once. I went to the station and I was there for almost two hours until enough workers were back in service to bring the numbers up to the minimum staffing levels.

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