Last Day on C Shift

January 18th, 2009

Today was my final day on C-Shift. I am looking forward to being on a new shift, but I am going to miss working on C-Shift. Like everything having changes allows you to appreciate what you have. It is like the way I look at it with the seasons. If it was hot year round, you wouldn’t always enjoy it and take advantage of what you have when you have it. By having winter you can enjoy the snow, but also have the summer months to look forward to. Same can be said for the summer heat. You enjoy relaxing in the sun, but it also allows you to enjoy the snow when it does finally come.

Today we had a shift brunch. We did french toast and sausage. For dinner we did chicken and rice. I watched some football on TV and we played some poker into the evening hours. Paul, Jay, Young, Blake, and I had a little tournament. I busted out pretty early, but I because the all time dealer.

Young and I were on the ambulance one last time as shift-mates and we ended up getting skunked on calls for the night.

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