Car Shopping

December 26th, 2008

I was doing some car shopping today. I was looking for a ought-four Durango Limited. I found one in Auburn I was going to look at if the prices were right. After talking with the dealer on the phone I found the price was way lower than I expected. I thought the vehicle should cost about twelve thousand, but I head him say fifty-nine. So I figured something was wrong with it. I asked him, and he said it was in great shape. So I drove to Auburn.

The vehicle was nice. We took it for a ride and it drove well. We went in to talk numbers. But I found that I heard fifty-nine. He said Fifteen-nine. So we were way off on the numbers. I told them what I was willing to do. We didn’t get close. In fact we were off by about six thousand bucks when it was done.

So I walked away from that deal. I was mad that I went the whole way to do it only to find we were so far off.

Later Jon and I went to play some poker down at the Silver Dollar casino. We played four-eight Texas Hold’em. Jon did well and I ended up losing money. We were there for a couple hours playing. It was fun to get out to the casino and play some cards even though I ended up losing. I played a little blackjack but lost money there too.

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