Intriguing Coroner’s Case

December 16th, 2008

This mornings plan was to focus only on my NU work. I wanted to go to Safeway and buy some pop. They were having a great sale. I picked up twenty-twelve packs. Then I went to my house.

I was put on notice that there could be a coroner’s case in Palouse. As it turned out there was. I went up with Anna. It turned into an interesting case. The information I was getting from the police who interviewed neighbors was not adding up to what I was seeing. So I started to put my sleuth hat on and went to work.

I was able to come up with some information that started to point to a time of death that was more inline with the condition of the body. It was pretty interesting. I had to dig around a lot of different sources in order to discover what I needed. It also helped I have my computer skills. I was able to use those in order to come up with a possible date of death.

That case took us several hours to complete. Then I had enough time to rush back to my place and get changed for my reserve class. The class itself got out early.

I was going to meet up with Clark, A. Wilcox, and the other guys from the fire department but I ended up doing some call back first. I was told I would get a message if they left Pete’s. But when I got there no one else was there. I went home and sent a text message to A. Wilcox and Clark. Clark called me back saying they went to Mike’s because they got cut off at Pete’s. I told them that I was already home. I was pretty upset that they left me hanging.

I have always had the feeling that they really isn’t anything more than a slight working relationship. Even at that, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was a crew leader of theirs they would probably not talk to me at all. Since leaving the reserves I never hear from them. Many times when we are around each other during different functions or calls I pretty much have to initiate anything. This kind of stuff just proves what I was thinking all along.

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