New Bed, TV, and Phone

December 8th, 2008

I don’t usually splurge in the way I did over the last week. I have spent thousands of dollars on a new Tempurpeadic Rhapsody bed, a fifty-eight inch plasma TV, a new TV stand, and a new Sprint Touch Pro cell phone.

All three items came in today. I started to get the phone set up. The bed was set up by the delivery men. I put an electric blanket on the bed so it would heat it up. I was told the first night they are too cold to be soft. So I figured with an eclectic blanket that would fix it.

Later on I spent time working on my living room set up. I took down the old TV stand and components. Then I put in the new TV stand in place. I set up the TV and the other components. I watched a little bit of a CD just to see what it looked like.

The TV is huge in my room. It takes up the space between my couch and loveseat. It is pretty crazy.

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