Garage Cleaned for Poker

November 3rd, 2008

I spent some time today cleaning up my garage for the poker game tonight. I got my table as well as work bench all cleaned up. It makes me feel good that it is done. I got the table set up for poker. I also got my chips ready and counted the cards. Now it was just waiting for everyone to show up.

It was scheduled to start at six o’clock. We had a full table pretty much the whole night. That was nice. A couple people came and busted out pretty quick then left. The whole thing broke around ten o’clock.

There was one hand where Travis went all in, on a bluff, against Matt. Matt had been calling all the way down. Matt had a high pair, but there was a lot of stuff out there that could have beat him. There was no way he put Travis on the bluff. But he called an all-in by Travis and won.

Everyone at the table was amazed that he made that call. Travis didn’t know what to say. There were other hands like that, that it became clear it was going to be hard to buy a pot.

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