Make Up of the Body

October 25th, 2008

This morning I went to Colfax. I got some breakfast and some donuts for the class. I dropped off my paperwork at the Coroner’s office. I went over to the public service building and helped set up the classroom for the class today.

We are doing criminal procedures. Around noon we broke fro lunch. We went down to Rosauers for hamburgers. Then it was back to class. It was a short day overall. We were done around four o’clock.

I went to the rec center to do some running. While running on the track I looked down on the basketball court. There is always a full-court shirts vs skins basketball game going. Last night, however, was a guy who had nearly perfect abs. It was incredible. What was funny was there was another guy who was standing near him.

Both were white guys with blonde hair. Nearly the same height and both were skinny. But the difference was one guy had great definition in all his back and well as frontal muscles. The other guy was just skinny. I guess being skinny is not enough. I would like to keep working on it and get to the point where my arms and legs have nice muscle definition. I would also like to be much more skinny than I am. I wish I could see how someone like that lives for a week and get an idea of things I can do differently to become better off.

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