Buying a New Car

September 1st, 2008

I went into the office today, but I decided that I wasn’t able to get anything done so I went to the Dodge dealer near my office. I looked around at the vehicles and took a Chrysler Aspen for a test drive. It is the exact same thing as a Durango just a little higher class.

We then went into play the game. I was in the office for a couple hours playing with numbers and turning down the deals. While there a ten-six-seven was there. He was shorter, but just very hot over all. Nothing really stuck out and in a crowd he would probably be lost, but something about him there made it so I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Finally I walked out when we couldn’t come up with a deal, but we were not going to get close to where I wanted to be. I looked at it as adding about twenty-five thousand worth of debt. I am not sure I wanted to do that for what I would be getting.

I called a dealer in Renton and they offered me a better deal on the initial price of the vehicle. But I don’t know what the trade-in would do to change the overall deal. But I am thinking hard over all about it. I am not sure I should do it, but there are several things about it that I like about the new rig.

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