First Twenty-Four Hour Shift

August 11th, 2008

I was at the fire department before eight o’clock in the morning for my first day on shift. I had planned on what to make for dinner. I found that someone else was working an OT shift so he was going to make dinner so I planned on doing lunch for everyone.

We started by getting calls which destroyed the plans for the morning. But we were able to get the supplies for a lunch. We got back and put it together for everyone. I was getting crap from the guys, but it was all in good fun.

Later on we did PL training and that ended with going to the tower to do some driving, but I was sent to Lewiston for a transfer. I worked with one of the newer medics. He is a ten-six-seven and a very nice guy. We talked about his new house in Uniontown and about the fire department on the way home.

When I got back we found the others were out dealing with some problems with the rigs that were under some mechanical problems. We were told to start eating because the others would take a while to get back.

We had some dinner and waited for the others to get back. Once they ate we did the dishes. I planned on going to bed around midnight. That is about when I did get to bed. The reserved got back from doing their training. I hung out with them as they were working on refilling air bottles. One of the newest reserves was there. He is a poster boy for ten-six-seven’s. He is screaming hot, if you will.

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