First Day of New Job

July 14th, 2008

Today was the first day working as a temp full-timer at the fire department. I brought in some donuts. Heston and did our admin stuff. Then I had a task of changing the tires on a car that we are going to extrication training on later on this evening. I don’t have my rookie book yet to start working on. That is going to take a while once I do get it.

Towards the end of the shift we got a call where we went code in the PL. It has a growler and we were playing that all the way there. Turned out to be a nothing call.

Later on I went to extrication training. I was helping the reserves with it. This was my first Monday Night training that I didn’t have to be at, but I was able to get there. It was my one last chance to do something with the reserves. But when I get on shift, the Monday nights that I am working I will get a chance to work with them on training then as well.

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