I am Looking at Houses Again

June 27th, 2008

The houses slump hasn’t really hit Pullman so much, but I have seen some houses come down in price a little bit. One place I looked at before I wanted to see again. It is cheaper in price, also I wanted to see it again so I can remember why I didn’t like it over all. After seeing it, I do remember what it was about the place I didn’t like all that much.

I was at home doing some stuff on the computer waiting for the time to head to Dan’s to play poker. It was John, Dan, and I. We did ten dollar buy-ins. I wasn’t doing too well. I wasn’t going to stay really late because of the test for the fire department. But I lost my money and bought in one more time.

It didn’t take as long for me to lose all that money too. So I dropped about twenty bucks playing cards with them.

I got home and Brandon was here. He was here because he was going camping tomorrow by the Snake River and he was in town doing some laundry and waiting to go off. I talked with him really briefly because he has a girl with him.

I called it a night shortly after I got home.

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