Good Poker Night

May 31st, 2008

This evening my poker game was starting around seven. I got the garage swept and set up the table. Then I counted the cards, counted the chips, and got everything ready to play cards.

People started to show up and we had a full table. I was doing pretty good, building up my own little stack of chips. Loren showed up and he was a little more aggressive than many of the other people there. In one hand a pair of sixes where on the board and I have a six in my hand. The other card on the flop was a queen. I had a two. I felt Loren had a six with an Ace so he would out kick me. We bet back and forth and he finally went all in for thirty some-odd bucks. I called and I beat him.

By the end of the night I was up fifty bucks, plus the use of the pop and candy machine was taking place. That is good. I just got to start to hold some more games at my place.

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