A Rain Out

May 13th, 2008

I decided to go to the doctor and have my finger looked at that I hurt while doing some BO last month. I took a softball off the tip of my right-ring finger. Ever since there has been some pain and it is slightly crooked. It took awhile for me to see the doctor. Finally he starts looking at my finger and hand. He was feeling parts of my hand then asks what I do for a living.

I told him I have about eight jobs. He then looked at me and said “lots of them must be hand jobs”. I started to laugh. He thought out it and said “that came out wrong”. I said that several of my jobs are labor intensive. He said that I have big hands. I got an Xray but it is not clear what I will be able to do about the injury.

As the day wore on it started to rain. I was worried that softball would be cancelled. As it got close to six o’clock an e-mail came out saying the games were cancelled. So I decided to head to Colfax for training. Actually tonight is board and business. The meeting was pretty short.

Tim, Jim, Carl, Laura, Steve, and I played poker for a couple hours. I won a pretty big pot at the end of the night to put me up on the night.

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