Teaching CPR

April 30th, 2008

This morning there was a meeting of the facility committee. I am part of the committee. We are exploring what is needed in a new fire station. Including location and more. I am part of the subcommittee that is deciding what is going to be included in the station. I am the only reserve on the committee.

This evening it was time for CPR class. I went to the station to set up the classroom. As people started to make their way in Pete tried to call me. He had called me earlier. But I didn’t answer it the second time. I listened to the message later on during a break and found out he was telling me that he was on his way to a double fatal car accident. This is the second time we have had a double fatal on a day I choose to teach a class. The other time John actually covered the class for me.

John came over to my place and we played poker for a couple hours. I wasn’t doing all that great and lost some money. I think was down around ten bucks when it was over with.

I talked to him about the idea of working as a career fireman. I asked him about the softball question. I don’t want to miss softball. I told him I noticed that others who played softball tended to miss a lot of games. I asked if this was because they chose not to take the time off, or if it was because too hard to get the time off.

He told me in the first year I would probably miss games. But in the following years that I should just put in for vacation about six months in advance in order to make sure I get the time off. Because softball season is always the same time, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what days to take off.

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