Lots of Pullman Fire Activities

March 22nd, 2008

It started out with going to the fire station and talking to Drew about the training I had planned for the evening. Then I went to Kruegal park to take photos of the Easter Bunny that was delivered by the fire department.

I went home and started to build the website for displaying the photos that I took at the park and from the stair climb in Seattle. I got that close to being done when I had to run out to Pioneer Center for taking photos of the badge pinning ceremony.

After that I went home and started to watch the Cougs playing basketball against Notre Dame. Not a lot of people gave them much of a chance. After the first half I went to Kevin’s place where Brandon and Kendall were there. We watched it together. It was great. The Cougs went on to win by twenty points. They held ND to forty-one points. Their lowest point total of the season.

I had enough time to rush to the fire station for training. I went through all the objectives and safety items. Then we went to the tower. I got the fog machine going and did the final setting up of the scene.

Drew started the scene with his arrival report and walk around. Then I had units show up in an order like they would in a real call. Drew directed teams to do certain things. The only problem was the smoke machine ran out of smoke and the room cleared out really well, so one of the things I did to test them was obvious. I had put a baby in the hallway. I wanted them to do what they would do in a real situation depending on what they found. I put it there in such a way that they wouldn’t see it. The only way they would find it would be by accident. But with the lack of smoke it was easy to see. They did react just right however. So that was good.

After the event was done we went to the fourth floor of the building to clean up some bird droppings and remove the birds that had taken up residence. We put the rigs back in service and went back to the station.

Brandon and Kevin were waiting for me at the fire station. I was running really late. I wanted to be done by seven-thirty. We weren’t done until nearly eight-thirty.

They came back to my place. We had some lasagna and bread. We played several games until around two o’clock in the morning. It was a fun night with those guys.

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