Done Stewing

February 28th, 2008

I woke up this morning and started to think about what I was told last night by Chapman. I can say I was very mad about it last night. I stewed about it as I went to bed and I stewed more about it today.

Around ten in the morning I called the other person who was in the vehicle when the incident happened. He backed up what I believed had happened. So I was happy that I had remembered the situation correctly. That made me relax a little bit and enjoy the rest of the day.

We had a couple car accidents go out at the same time later in the afternoon. So I went to the station to help out but I ended up standing by with one because no one else showed up.

I had to be back at the station to meet with Turpin and Parrish about some training things that are going on. When that meeting was done I spoke with Turpin about some of the issues that were brought up with me about various things. I let Turpin know that I had made a mistake in letting a specific person to drive code. I think I misunderstood something from the training officer. I told him what I should have done in order for this mistake to not have happened.

Then I talked to Chapman some more about last night. I got a little bit more and confirmed what I had already understood about what had been said about me. By this time in the evening I was pretty calm and decided that it probably wouldn’t do any positive changes by bring it up with the person or anyone else. I felt that it was best if the whole thing was dropped and it just went away.

The whole drama thing just takes away the fun from the fire department. I just would like it to go away and for the business of being a firefighter and not a whiner would be in the forefront.

I watched the Cougs on TV with John at the station and we saw them crush Cal. I just wish they had done that last time they played.

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