Overheard at a Party

October 31st, 2009

This is a letter that I wrote to someone who I use to work with…

[Censored] had invited me to his place tonight to hang out for a while on Halloween. When I was ready to come over he had gone to your place up the hill. Him and I chatting outside on the street for a while. Then he went inside and to the back yard. I made my way there too. I was standing near the back door for a while. Then I started to make way over to the fire.

As I was walking up there I saw [censored], he was chatting with a girl and you. Some sort of joke was being made and the word faggot was being used pretty liberally. I was not offended by that at all. That didn’t even bother me.

But what I heard you say heavily disappointed me. Enough so that I decided not to say hello to you and I chose to leave and go home.

In reference to the word faggot you said “Just like the A-shift crew leader”. I am not sure if you go around outing me to people, but that is purely disrespectful, that is not your place to do that.

But for me what was so disappointing is that I thought there was some level of respect, even if only on a professional level. Clearly it appears there is no respect at all.

If he had known I was there and was making the joke to mess with me, I would have been fine with it. I was not upset about the word faggot being thrown around in a general way.

But what disappointed me is that I was being degraded in a specific way. The person doing it had no idea I was standing right there, due to the fact it is Halloween and I was in a full costume. I am happy to know what he really thinks, because at least I know where I stand with him. I hate being around people who are fake.

Anyway, I wasn’t quite sure if I should confront him on the spot or just walk away. I figured in the party setting and with the alcohol being used I should deal with it later. Plus, I don’t know if the person who I was meeting up with knows about me or not, but if I had confronted him right there he would have known for sure.

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